Biographical Information
Race Vampire
Status alive
Nationality French
Age appears at least in 60s when reborn
Occupation housekeeper
Physical Information
Gender female
Hair dark, wrapped in braids around her head
Eyes -
Body stout
Family unknown
Spouse(s) -
First Mentioned A Discovery of Witches
First Appeared A Discovery of Witches, p.225

Marthe is the housekeeper at Sept-Tours. She has gnarled hands, a husky voice, loves to sing, and enjoys love songs and reading murder mysteries. She also greatly enjoys cooking and making her own blends of tea, despite being a vampire.

Marthe is introduced in A Discovery of Witches as Ysabeau de Clermont's housekeeper. Unlike Ysabeau, Marthe immediately warms to Diana and insists on feeding her and helping heal her with home remedies. Marthe made Philippe's squire, Alain, a vampire.

It is revealed in The Book of Life that Marthe was already a vampire when Ysabeau de Clermont was made a vampire, and helped Ysabeau to recover from the torture she had suffered at her maker's hands.

Marthe made a vampire of Alain Le Merle, Philippe de Clermont's squire, since Philippe could not do without him in peacetime or when at war.

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