Matthew Clairmont Edit

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Biographical Information
Race Vampire
Nationality French
Age 1,509, appears 37

born 500 AD, re-born 537 AD

Occupation biochemist at Oxford
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Grey-Green
Body Muscular, 6 feet 3 inches tall



Ysabeau de Clermont (vampire mother)
Louisa de Clermont (vampire sister)
Louis de Clermont (vampire brother)
Marcus Whitmore (vampire son)


Jack Blackfriars (adopted son)

Annie Undercroft (adopted daughter)

Rebecca (biological daughter)

Philippe (biological son)

Lucas †(son with Blanca)

Spouses Diana Bishop (mate)

Blanca †( died 536)

First Mentioned A Discovery of Witches
First Appeared A Discovery of WItches

Matthew's ampulla.

Matthew de Clermont (full name: Matthew Gabriel Philippe Bertrand Sebastien de Clermont) is a central character in the All Souls Trilogy and the love interest (and eventual husband) of Diana Bishop. He is a vampire and is described as very tall, with grey-green eyes and black hair. He has a deep love and knowledge of wine.

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Matthew's BackgroundEdit

Matthew Clairmont was born in France around 500 AD. His biological father was a carpenter, as was Matthew when he grew up, before becoming a stonemason. When Matthew was a young man, he met a woman named Blanca. They were married when he was twenty five and she was nineteen. After struggling to have children for many years, she gave birth to a son named Lucas. A fever came to their village in 536 and Matthew's wife and son did not survive. Matthew was devastated but continued to work on building a local church. One day, he fell off a scaffold, although some believed that he jumped. Ysabeau de Clermont, the wife of Philippe de Clermont, offered Matthew an alternative to his impending death. Ysabeau made Matthew a vampire and soon he became a wrathful hunter. He learned to control his hunger from his father, Philippe. Matthew has made several vampires including Marcus and Benjamin.

A Discovery of WitchesEdit

Matthew Clairmont, a vampire, watches Diana Bishop, a witch, in the Bodleian Library in Oxford University, while she uses magic. He introduces himself to her. Diana inquires how he knows her since she has never heard of him. Long-standing taboos between the species make her nervous around the vampire. Later that night, Matthew climbs through Diana's open window and searches for Ashmole 782, the enchanted manuscript she had discovered earlier that day. He watches her sleep for hours. They continue to run into each other at the Bodleian and around Oxford. Diana believes that all of the creatures that have been following her since her encounter with Ashmole 782 are friends of Matthew's. He is shocked to realize that she has no idea why they are so interested in her. They begin to spend more and more time together. Soon the secrets about Diana's past and her encounter with the bewitched manuscript begin to affect her daily life. Diana begins to have strong feelings for Matthew. Matthew fears his love for her and has a fierce need to protect her from harm. After Diana experiences a series of threats, Matthew brings Diana to Sept-Tours, his mother's home in France. The council of three supernatural species, known as the Congregation, threatens Matthew's union with Diana and he begins to doubt their relationship. Soon after, Matthew receives a call from his vampire son, Marcus, that someone has broken into his lab in Oxford. He returns to deal with it, leaving Diana at Sept-Tours, unleashing her first real act of magic (witchwater). Matthew returns to Sept-Tours after a few days. When he returns, they embrace and kiss. Matthew's vampire mother, Ysabeau, explains to Diana that the action was an oath regarding her relationship with Matthew and a betrayal of her own species. The following night, Matthew calls Diana his wife at dinner and explains that as far as vampires are concerned, their admission of their love makes them husband and wife. When Diana is abducted and imprisoned (in an oubliette) by a witch at the Congregation's behest, Matthew's brother, Baldwin, is summoned by Ysabeau. Despite great reluctance, Baldwin agrees to help track Diana and they are able to locate her. They bring her back to Sept-Tours and determine the extent of the injuries that she sustained from the witch, Satu. Matthew brings Diana back to Madison, New York, to her aunts, Sarah and Emily, where they partially discover why her powers have been acting up. They decide to timewalk back in time to escape the Congregation, and the rest of the family help make the preparations. 

Shadow of NightEdit

Screenshot 20180220-001319

This portrait miniature by Nicholas Hilliard (1547 – 1619) was Deborah Harkness’s inspiration for the character, Matthew Clairmont.

Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont timewalk back to the Elizabethan era, arriving at the Old Lodge. Their first encounter is with Matthew's closest friend, Christopher "Kit" Marlowe. Soon afterward, Diana discovers that Matthew is Matthew Roydon, a member of the famous School of Night. They encounter the entire group, plus others (Gallowglass, Hancock, Jack Blackfriars, Annie Undercroft, etc.) Diana becomes pregnant with Matthew's child, but miscarries, leading Matthew to avoid physical intimacy with her for quite some time. They go to Prague and meet the Holy Roman Emperor, and search for the Book of Life (previously called Ashmole 782, the magical manuscript that Diana encountered in the Bodleian that started all this). They find it, but do not have time to study it, before Edward Kelley, a daemon, tears out the 3 pages that are missing from the manuscript in the present. After they make up, their relationship is stronger than ever. Diana becomes pregnant again, they leave the past and timewalk back to the future. There, they meet up with Ysabeau and everyone else at Sept-Tours. Ysabeau finds out that Diana is pregnant with twins after hearing the two heartbeats, and they find out that one of the family is dead at the hands of the Congregation.

The Book of LifeEdit

Matthew and Diana arrive back at Sept-Tours from timewalking in the past. Matthew takes care of Diana while she is grieving for her Aunt Emily who has died while they were away. Matthew and Gallowglass discuss that Diana's magical power has increased in the past months. Matthewstruggles to keep his blood rage sickness under control. Matthew tells Marcus that to protect the family from the Congregation, the head of the de Clermont family, his older brother Baldwin, forbade Matthew from seeking vengeance against Gerbert and Knox when they earlier facilitated a Congregation witch's torture and interrogation of Diana.

Matthew feels peaceful when he returns to sleeping Diana. He reflects that he always wanted a wife and children. He makes love with her, wanting the feeling of her safety and their intimacy to last forever. Thinking of how Emily died while Diana was away, Diana asks Matthew to never leave her without saying good-bye. He promises.

Marcus discovers the old family pedigrees, that his vampire father, Matthew, has a disowned vampire son, Benjamin, and that Matthew and Benjamin have blood rage sickness. Matthew reveals the circumstances in which Benjamin was made. Marcus finds out that if Matthew branches off from the de Clermonts as a scion, they can get out from under Baldwin's control as head of the de Clermonts, but Matthew is skeptical.

Diana and Matthew go to Chris Roberts' Yale lab to seek to discover information on creature genetics, Ashmole 782, and vampire blood rage. Matthew agrees to try to obtain the support of the other close relatives to form his own scion, while Diana stays safely away from him, looking for the missing page from Ashmole 782. Their separation would be incredibly difficult for both of them. Matthew goes to New Orleans to persuade and threaten Marcus' vampire children so they will join Matthew's new scion branch of the family.

Matthew returns to Diana's side after he learns she may be sick, and he and Jack give her a present they built together. Soon after, she gives birth to their twins. While she is laboring, Matthew tells her that to every question he ever had or will have, she is the answer. Ysabeau gives Diana and Matthew a grand house in Limousin, France called Les Revenants, so they can spend time with the twins there as a family. They look in Philippe's personal papers for information about the early days of the Congregation, vampire-witch hybrid children, Benjamin's past activities, and about The Book of Life. Matthew discovers a letter that implies that Benjamin may be in Central Europe. Matthew tells Diana he wants to "grow old" with her.

Matthew goes to the Chelm area of Poland, allowing himself to be captured and tortured by Benjamin. He finds a way to communicate to his family where he is and that Diana and others should help him. Matthew's family rescues him, Benjamin (and Peter Knox) is killed, and Matthew spends a long time recovering from the injuries Benjamin inflicted. Matthew resumes researching with Chris Roberts, Miriam and Marcus in Chris' lab, preparing to reveal someday the genetic basis of creatures as part of human evolution.

Matthew and Diana discuss the birthday party coming up to celebrate the date of Matthew's rebirth as a vampire. They see Jack's new painting of them, Diana realizing that a willingness to change is the secret of survival, and that the combination of their opposite characteristics makes them both stronger. Diana and Matthew were the tenth knot, unbreakable. without beginning or end.