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Witches are one of the four types of characters in the world of the All Souls Trilogy. Among them are humans, vampires, and daemons.


Witches vary in their magical abilities and strengths, including timewalking, precognition, flight, transmogrification, telekinesis, witchwind, witchfire, witchwater, and manipulation of the elements. A very few witches are weavers, who can create new spells. Some spells created by weavers cannot be written as simple words for other witches to use, but can only be used by the spells' maker. Weavers make a forspell, revealing the shape of their talents, and often the weaver's familiar too.  Weavers have been forced into hiding, since other witches have feared their power. The first witch may have been a weaver.

Witches of All SoulsEdit

  • Rebecca Bishop: Diana Bishop's mother, a powerful witch and talented seer.
  • Stephen Proctor: Diana Bishop's father, Stephen, was a powerful weaver. His familiar is in the shape of a bird named Bennu. He often timewalked.
  • Diana Bishop : A powerful weaver, she was unaware of her abilities until she met Goody Alsop in 1590. Her familiar is in the shape of a firedrake named Corra.
  • Sarah Bishop: Diana Bishop's aunt, her magical abilities were strong in spells and lore. 
  • Emily Mather: Sarah Bishop's partner, who has helped raise Diana with Sarah Bishop. 
  • Goody Alsop: A leader of the Garlickhythe gathering and an elder of the Vintry's ward. She became Diana's teacher in 1590. Her familiar is in the form of a fetch, a shadowy replica of herself, and her talents were dominated by witchwind.
  • Susanna Norman: Sophie Norman's ancestor from Elizabethan London. Her abilities were centered in the earth. 
  • Annie Norman: Susanna Norman's niece, she came to live with Diana and Matthew at the Old Lodge in 1590.
  • Marjorie Cooper: Gifted in the magic of earth, she became one of Diana's mentors in 1590. She had a special gift in remembering, never having to write anything down.
  • Elizabeth Jackson: A waterwitch, she was one of Diana's mentors in 1590. She was a gifted seer and had the ability to scry.
  • Catherine Streeter: Streeter was a firewitch and another of Diana's teachers while she was in 1590. Both of Catherine's parents were firewitches, a rare occurrence. 
  • Satu Jarvinen: A firewitch and member of the Congregation, she captured Diana from Sept-Tours and tortured her. 
  • Gillian Chamberlain: A politically ambitious witch who helped the Congregation keep an eye on Diana, and threatened Diana.

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