Ysabeau de Clermont
Biographical Information
Race Vampire
Nationality French
Age Over 1,500 years of age
Occupation Matriarch of de Clermont family
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Emerald green
Body Slight, about 5'
Family de Clermont

Matthew Clairmont (vampire son)

Spouse Philippe de Clermont (mate)
First Mentioned A Discovery of Witches
First Appeared A Discovery of Witches

Ysabeau de Clermont is Matthew Clairmont's vampire mother in the All Souls Trilogy. She is described as having honey colored hair, perfect features, and looking slightly younger than her son. 

Ysabeau's BackgroundEdit

Ysabeau de Clermont is a vampire. Her full name is Genevieve Melisande Helene Ysabeau Aude de Clermont. She was once married to Philippe de Clermont. She had several vampire children with Philippe. The middle son is Baldwin Montclair, known for his love of destruction and for strategy. Hugh, the oldest of Philippe's three sons, was known as a negotiator. The youngest of the three was Godfrey, known to be the conscience of Philippe's sons. Ysabeau knew Matthew Clairmont from birth and watch him grow up to work as a stonemason for her husband. After Matthew lost his family to a fever, she watched him slip into a deep sorrow. One day, Matthew fell from a scaffold while he had been working on a church that Philippe was having built. Ysabeau came to Matthew and offered him eternal life as a vampire. He accepted and she became his mother. Ysabeau would often sing to Matthew, hoping to calm him when he was mourning the loss of his wife and son. During World War II, Philippe was tortured by Nazis and thereafter died. After her husband's death, Ysabeau would only hunt in Germany and Argentina.  She had a strong hatred for witches who helped prevent her husband from being rescued from the Nazis. She lives in Sept-Tours in France with Marthe, her housekeeper.
Chateau Des Sept Tours Hotel Courcelles De Touraine France Tours

de Clermont home, Sept-Tours.

A Discovery of WitchesEdit

Ysabeau is introduced when Matthew brings Diana Bishop to their home, Sept-Tours in France, to get away from the threats that await them in Oxford. Immediately, Diana can tell that Matthew's mother is not happy to meet her. Ysabeau is known for her powerful dislike of witches. At the beginning of their stay, Ysabeau is cold to Diana and does not show much interest in behaving cordially to her. As time goes on, Ysabeau begins to respect Diana's strong will and principles. When the vampire, Domenico Michele comes to warn Diana and the de Clermont family about the Congregation's objections to Matthew and Diana's union, Ysabeau is protective of Diana. When Matthew leaves to return to Oxford, Ysabeau takes care of Diana when her witchwater almost drowns her. While watching over Diana after the incident, Ysabeau tells Diana the story of how she made Matthew into a vampire. While Matthew is away, Ysabeau takes Diana to watch her hunt animal blood, thinking it will make Diana reconsider her relationship with her son. When Matthew returns from Oxford and kisses Diana, Ysabeau tells them that because they are now mates, they have broken the covenant of the Congregation. When Diana is abducted by the Congregation, Ysabeau calls Baldwin to help Matthew track her down. When Matthew and Baldwin bring Diana back to Sept-Tours, Ysabeau helps tend to her injuries. She stays with Marthe at Sept-Tours when Diana and Matthew decide to go to the Bishop house in Madison, New York.

Shadow of NightEdit

Ysabeau is away from Sept-Tours in the 1590s when Matthew and Diana timewalk there, however, her ring on Diana's finger helps Philippe in the 1590s to recognize that Ysabeau accepted Diana as a daughter.  Also, Ysabeau's earring helps Diana steer Matthew and herself to the past.  In the present, Ysabeau tries to protect Matthew and Diana in the past by looking for anomalous historical artifacts that might reveal their location, and trying to arrange to obtain the artifacts and keep them out of the news. 

Ysabeau reveals to Diana's aunts, Sarah and Emily, whether or not there was once a witch who gave birth to a vampire child, with the power to cause fierce sea winds to blow.  Ysabeau becomes chatelaine of a household of family and others supporting the cause of the Knights of Lazarus at Sept-Tours in the present while Matthew and Diana are timewalking in the past. When they return, she detects whether or not Diana has become pregnant with Matthew's child.

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